Sell More Paintings in 2012

A marketing message from Art Publisher B. Eric Rhoads

The recession reminded me of a valuable lesson. Every artist I know fell into one of two camps. Some told me they have not sold many paintings since the economy began to go sour in 2008. Others have told me they are having their best years yet.

I am convinced that attitude plays a major role in your ability to sell paintings. Either you catch the negative bug about how bad things are, or you catch the positive bug about how this is a great opportunity. Glass half empty, glass half full.

Frankly, positive thinking makes a difference, but great thoughts without great strategy will get you nowhere fast.

My Passion for Artists and Galleries

I am driven by the desire to help artists and galleries sell more artwork. With every cell in my body, I believe that original art changes people's lives, that it actually affects their physical well-being when they stare at a painting they love. We've all heard stories of people who are transformed by a painting. Therefore it's my goal to help people live better lives, one painting at a time. And it all starts by helping you sell more artwork.

Working on 2012 Now

If you had visited our offices in the last few weeks, you'd have found us doing budgets and plans for next year. Plans need to be made and implemented now, not after the new year begins. Now is the time to be working on your plan to be more successful in 2012.

What Will You Choose for 2012?

If you believe you can make 2012 your best year yet (yes, you actually can), you need to create a strategy and a plan. Hope without action is useless. Between now and the start of the year, you need to set aside some time and reinvent the way you sell artwork for 2012, and begin implementing your plans right away. Don't assume the old ways work anymore, and don't assume there are no buyers. There are loads of buyers for you to have your best year yet.

Your Assignment:

1. Write realistic goals. How many paintings do you want to sell in each month of 2012?

2. Make two columns on a piece of paper.

Column 1. What I did in 2011 to sell artwork.
Column 2: New ideas to sell artwork.

Time yourself. In three minutes, write as many ideas you can, as fast as you can. Try to come up with 50 new ideas. Don't judge the ideas now, just get them on paper.

3. Circle the ideas that worked in 2011. Keep them.

4. Without judging whether you can afford it, prioritize the very best new ideas for 2012, the ones you think will make the most progress for you.

5. Go do them. Find a way.

6. Make up your mind to be a relentless marketer in 2012. Passion will drive sales. Make a firm decision to devote two hours a day to marketing. If you spend that much time specifically on marketing, your sales will improve.

Remember, marketing and sales are all about the numbers. The more people you expose to your work, the more you will sell.

Keep It Simple

You bet. Sometimes the least sophisticated ideas work best. This rudimentary exercise is one I do at least once or twice a year. I usually enlist others to help me brainstorm. We try to invent things we never thought of before. Why are my company and my magazines growing so fast? It's all rooted in this simple exercise.

Get out of your comfort zone, and try making a plan and working it with passion.

Good luck and happy planning.


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