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Visit "The Historic Center of European Trade" Nuremberg, Germany Join Fine Art Connoisseur as we explore the onetime focal point of the Third Reich, situated squarely in the middle of the German state of Bavaria.

Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, your host for this trip (October 2-9, 2011), has created a series of special art excursions designed for people who love and appreciate fine art. In an effort to offer the finest travel experience, we have partnered with Michael Day~Media Incentives & Creative Travel Planners, which has created extraordinary travel experiences for three decades. This firm's meticulous attention to detail has earned it a reputation as one of the world's leading partners for such prestigious publications as Fine Art Connoisseur.

Nuremberg, Germany was founded at the turn of the 11th century as the site of an Imperial castle, and was considered the unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire. It has a rich religious history and troubled wartime past, both of which contribute to the essence of modern-day Nuremberg.

Today the city is overtly multi-cultural, encompassing many surrounding villages and bursting at the seams with world-class art, quaint architecture, and an active performing arts scene.

We'll investigate the rich medieval history visible throughout the city, see the 900-year-old ramparts that surround its heart, the great Imperial castle and the resplendent Old Town Hall. We'll also visit and learn about the legend of the Beautiful Fountain and step on the infamous Zeppelin field utilized for rallies during the Third Reich.

We will also have a chance to partake of some of Nuremberg's most renowned treasures, including its distinctively spiced gingerbread, high-quality sausages, and impeccably handcrafted toys. The bucolic setting, charming locals, and numerous museums are sure to fill our time here with wonder and a sense of discovery.

Nuremberg's ancient identity derives from much more than gingerbread, of course. It is rooted in romantic cobbled streets, glorious vistas, masterpieces of Gothic architecture, and splendid patricians' houses. In the shadow of its impressive castle, Nuremberg's contemporary pulse offers a fascinating blend of old and new, unique to this gem of a city.

This is a luxury cruise for art aficionados hosted by Fine Art Connoisseur Publisher B. Eric Rhoads and Editor Peter Trippi, (October 2-9, 2011). You can view the itinerary and details about every aspect of the trip at Due to the low-profile size, and intimacy, of our river cruise ship, cabin and suite space is limited.

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