HOMEWRECKER screening at the Art Theatre of Long Beach

HOMEWRECKER movie poster

Artful Thinking Organization is proud to present HOMEWRECKER at the Art Theatre of Long Beach on Thursday, April 28th!

On Thursday, April 28th, Artful Thinking’s Out at the Movies is proud to present the film screening of Homewrecker at the Art Theatre of Long Beach, CA for an

HIV/AIDS Benefit with the cast on hand for live Q&A.

HOMEWRECKER is a hilarious spoof of the melodramatic Lifetime Channel movies with gay characters.

Hollywood producers Derrick (Peter Szeliga) and Collin (Bruce L. Hart), are unaware that their new house guest, Shawn (Dylan Vox) is trouble with a capital T. They don't realize that they've previously met the recent ex-con/secretly aspiring actor when he was fired from their hit TV series because he was overweight and not considered attractive enough by the network brass. New newly buff, Shawn is hell-bent on scoring a starring role in their new show anyway he can. This boy is a bad news buffet as he seduces and manipulates Derrick and Collin - and their friends and neighbors - in his quest to become a TV superstar. Rebekah Kochan also stars in this film by Bruce L. Hart.

A vengeful actor concocts a plot to destroy the lives of the two people who dashed his dreams of television stardom on this outrageous gay parody of Lifetime Original Movies. Boyd was set to appear in a popular sitcom when Derrick Hardy and Collin Lawrence got him fired. Now, after a brief stint in prison, Boyd is back on the outside and looking for revenge. Altering his appearance in order to catch his old adversaries’ off-guard, Boyd slowly works his way back into their lives, biding his time while steadily earning their trust. By the time Derrick and Collin realize what's happened it will already be too late, and the scheming actor will be laughing on the sidelines as their lives go up in flames.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE1dta3kexw

Showtime: 9:00PM Tickets: $11.00 $10.00 in advance Call: 562.438.5435

Art Theatre of Long Beach is located at 2025 East 4th St. Long Beach, CA 90804

Advance tickets: http://72268.formovietickets.com:2235/Tickets.ASP?WCI=buyticket&Page=schedule&SelectedDate=20110428

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