PleinAir magazine relaunch

A Triple Birthday And A Sigh of Relief
A message from B. Eric Rhoads, art publisher 

If you hear loud whooping and hollering tomorrow, and a sigh of relief, you'll be hearing the celebration of the various editors, art directors, production people, and salespeople of Streamline Publishing, who are celebrating a major milestone.

At the end of the day tomorrow, Wednesday, February 16 (which is also the 9th birthday of my triplets and the 74th birthday of their grandfather), we will send the first rebirth issue of PleinAir magazine to the printer.

This day has been on my heart for several years. It's something I've been passionate about bringing back, and it's a magazine that thousands of people fondly remembered and asked to have returned. Tomorrow is the day it will hit the presses.

Tomorrow at 5pm Eastern is also the last day you can subscribe and be guaranteed that you'll receive the first issue. It's also the last day you're guaranteed to receive our special Best of PleinAir Magazine digital issue, which contains many of the articles in the sold-out issues we no longer have available. It will be sent soon.

If history is any indication, all extra copies printed will sell out fast. Our first issue was a rapid sellout, and we could have sold thousands more copies, based on the demand.

The day we go to the printer is the same day we give the printer the mailing list for that issue, so if you want to be sure to get issue #1, please subscribe before 5pm Wednesday.

If you're a plein air painter, a collector of landscapes, or just an art lover, we hope you'll consider a subscription to PleinAir.

Subscribe online at or phone 561-655-8778.

Eric Rhoads

PS: Yesterday a gallery phoned and asked if PleinAir magazine will only feature paintings done on location. Though many artists produce quality paintings on location in one session, many of the greatest paintings produced are done in the studio, and plein air studies are often used as a reference and a foundation. PleinAir is about great paintings, done outdoors and indoors.

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