Good News - Russian Art Cruise

Good News for Last Minute Travelers

There is Still Time to Join the Russian Art Cruise

A Message from Eric Rhoads, Fine Art Connoisseur




Note: New details about the trip below.


Are you a person who plans every detail in advance? Or someone who has to make decisions at the last minute because of your circumstances?


Earlier this week I heard from someone who is a business owner and who won't know his schedule and availability until the very last minute.


"Eric, I want to go on that cruise you're promoting, but frankly, the way my business is these days, I won't know until the last minute if I can still get the time or have the excess cash. If I call you in the next couple of weeks, can you still take me?"


For those who cannot plan until the last minute because of the condition of your business, cash flow, child care, or schedule, we want to make you aware that we've been able to free up a couple more cabins from the cruise line, including newly released balcony cabins.


If you are still considering coming and think you may want to make a last-minute decision, we encourage you to contact our travel partners to be added to the "last minute list." They will then keep you informed about last-minute available cabins, with no obligation.


To get on the list or to book one of the remaining cabins, please call Gabriel at 818-444-2700 or 800-255-3070, extension 123, or e-mail


I've also had calls from single travelers concerned about not wanting to see Russia alone. For those of you who are reluctant to come because you don't have a travel partner, please know there are many singles on the cruise, and we'll make sure you have plenty of new friends to spend time with, to tour with, to shop with, and to dine with. I anticipate that to the extent you wish to participate, we'll be one big family of people who want to see Russia and Russian art together.


I'm getting excited about the trip and hope you'll join us for the memory of a lifetime.




Eric Rhoads


PS: Our travel partner Gabriel just returned from a planning trip to St. Petersburg, and he is giddy with excitement about all the wonderful things we've been able to add to the special excursions. Be sure to ask him about all the new events he has lined up for us. Also, remember it's best if you can reserve your flights now before the rates increase.


Russian Art Cruise

August 7-14

Seven-night Baltic Cruise on the Crystal Symphony departing Copenhagen and cruising to Tallinn, Estonia, St. Petersburg, Russia (3 days), and ending in Stockholm, Sweden.


Including Special Fine Art Connoisseur Events:

- VIP Tour of the Hermitage (after hours when the tourists are gone) and a chance to meet with a Hermitage Curator.

- Visit to the Russian Art Museum

- Visit to the Russian Academy (The Repin Institute and Galleries) and lunch with the director of this important art institution

- Meeting with Russian artists with opportunity to purchase art

- St. Petersburg canal cruises to sites in this beautiful Russian city

- Special excursions to choose from including Catherine's Palace, Peterhoff Palace, and more.

- On-board art travel lectures from Fine Art Connoisseur Editor Peter Trippi

Note: This special Fine Art Connoisseur VIP trip to Russia will be repeated.


To register or learn more, go to or call 818-444-2700 or 800-255-3070 extension 123, or e-mail

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