The Fable Of The Starving Artist

The Fable of the Starving Artist

What if I told you that the life of a struggling artist is a myth?

What if I told you that can actually live a successful financial life as an

What if I told you that you can THRIVE as an artist, even in this economy?

Romance and intrigue are associated with the life of an artist. We've always
been told that a successful artist must struggle. While most of us are not
addicted to absinthe or prone to licking brushes covered with lead paint
like our earless colleague Van Gogh, there is something satisfying about
being a part of the rebellious mystique of those who make their living as
artists. Though Van Gogh never sold a painting in his lifetime, I suspect
you don't want to repeat his miserable existence.

I know artists who believe that living the life of a starving artist is part
of their DNA, and that it's required to be a true artist. But Sargent,
Velasquez, Rubens, Monet, Van Dyke, Gainsborough, Picasso were not only
great artists, they were well off financially from the sale of their
artwork, as hundreds of others have been. What about you?

The Dirty Little Secret
What I am about to say may offend you, but... the best art is not always the
most successful seller. I know artists whose work I personally do not care
for who are getting rich. And though the art path need not be all about
financial success, I think we all hope we can sell enough art to pay our
bills and put some fat on the bones. The dirty little secret is that these
artists are great marketers. What about you?

Selling While You Sleep
I write about art marketing on my blog, and I have coached many artists to
success. Though there are numerous elements to art-marketing excellence, one
of the most important aspects is to find a way to have others selling your
work while you sleep. Most artists are not good at selling, so you need a
sales agent. And one of the best sales agents you can have is a good gallery
relationship, because galleries have existing customers. Imagine if you had
five galleries pushing your artwork while you're sleeping.... or painting!
It's an ideal arrangement. You need not be a starving artist.

How to Get a Gallery
There are about 6,500 art galleries in America that sell original work. Most
want to avoid artist solicitations, which they find annoying. Though they
have good intentions, galleries lose things artists have sent, delete
e-mails, and tend to be in the market for artists only at certain times of
the year. So the key is overcoming the solicitation problem -- which is why
I invented Artist Advocate magazine. The magazine highlights a select few
artists and is put in front of 6,500 galleries, most of whom look forward to
browsing it for new artists (and keep it for future reference). Many artists
have signed one, two, three or more galleries, art publishers and art
licensing deals from their listing. Some listings have resulted in being
discovered by other art magazines for features.

The Important Fall Issue
The next issue of Artist Advocate is our fall issue. Fall is a time when
many galleries are seeking new artists as they plan for the coming year and
complete their active summer months. This is an ideal time to place your
artwork in front of galleries. The issue space booking deadline is August 5,
and the issue mails on September 4. We will create your listing for you.

Now is the time to start building your sales network and securing your first
gallery (or additional galleries). Artists are reporting record sales now
because they had the foresight to increase the number of galleries
representing their artwork to help them get though this economy. Sign up

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Or make it easy: E-mail me with "Yes, have someone contact me," and we will
respond to you right away!

What kind of art will you find in Artist Advocate?

Paintings (modern and traditional)
Mixed media and computer-generated
Fine crafts and woodwork
Handmade jewelry
Anything you would find in a gallery

Eric Rhoads

PS: Every success starts with a big step. Those who succeed are those who
take risks. Are you ready to sell more artwork? Artist Advocate is the
perfect place to start.

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