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If you're an artist trying to sell more artwork, you may need an art gallery to represent you, or perhaps additional representation. Artist Advocate magazine places your artwork in front of thousands of galleries that sell paintings, sculpture, photography, and other forms of artwork. We also mail to art publishers.

Let us help you find a gallery. Reserve your listing today.

Next issue deadline: February 5, 2009 (We can produce the ad for you.)

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Enter to win $3,000 in art supplies compliments of Blick Art Materials and a chance to win a bonus prize from Sennelier valued at $765.00.

Happy Customers

This really works. I was skeptical but I signed two galleries and heard from three.
Charles H. White

I was intrigued by the new magazine Artist Advocate and decided to present my work in the first issue. Shortly after Artist Advocate came out, I received a call from a prominent northeast gallery requesting more information about my art. After a positive exchange, the gallery director offered to represent me, and I accepted. I am delighted with the response I received from advertising in Artist Advocate magazine.

Artist Advocate is helping further my career, and I am planning on a continued presence in this publication. It has helped me market my work to art dealers in an economical and very effective way.
Annell Metzger

I received information on the new magazine Artist Advocate and decided to explore this opportunity by advertising in the first issue. Due to the Artist Advocate ad, I was contacted by a large publishing house. They specifically told me they had seen my ad. I have had exposure in several different magazines this year, with response usually coming from potential buyers. Artist Advocate brought a different kind of response. I am now anticipating increased sales due to the publishing of my original paintings.
Tamara Rymer

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Kathleen Lawrence-Davis - Midwest Region · 530.934.3687 ·
Barbara Seerman - Eastern Region · 347.683.3743 ·

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