Eli Broad to the Rescue!

We reported a few weeks ago that L.A.'s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) was in deep financial doo-doo (Save LA's MOCA). The LA Times reported this morning that local LA arts patron and money-bags, Eli Broad and MOCA have come to a deal in which Broad will provide MOCA with a $15-million challenge grant, meaning Broad will match dollar-for-dollar other contributions the museum receives up to $15 million, netting MOCA $30 million in total.

In this time of bailouts, it's reassuring to see one for the arts, and one that comes from a private citizen rather than from government largesse with taxpayers' money. And also good to see that Eli Broad is presumably not being taken down with other members of the L.A. Jewish community who entrusted their millions to scoundrel Madoff.

Now, L.A.-area citizens, we need to do our part. Get out and visit MOCA! Become a member, make a donation. Visit the MOCA website.

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