Photos of Pets in Halloween Costume

Well it’s Halloween once again, and no doubt you too got the annual email in your inbox of photos of pets dressed in Halloween costume. Below is the one I got sent to me this year.

Do you think our pets look forward to or dread Halloween?

Dog Cooks

Vampire Dog

Yoda Dog

Yet another Yoda Dog


Another Vampire Dog

Cuddly Dogs

Salty Dogs

Red Riding Hood and Grandma Dogs

Pumpkin Patch Dog

'Allo 'Allo French Cat

Pocahontas Chihuahua

Captain Hook Dog

Knight in Shining Armor Dog

Dogtor and Nurse

Penguin Cat

Pirate Dog

Jedi Knight Dog

Coast Guard Dog

Aloha Hula Dog

Frog Dog

Commando Yorkie


Chamber Maid Dog

Fat Pug

Peel-a-Chiquita Dogs

Chinese Mandarin Dog

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