Korean President Kim Jong Il a Favorite Halloween Costume

Here at Ariki Art we knew by mid-October of 2006 that mad-cap president of North Korea, Kim Jong Il, was hot! Searches for Kim Jong Il costumes came in a clear winner in our server logs that year. And this was confirmed by NPR when they reported on October 30, 2006 that Paul Blum, who runs Manhattan's Abracadabra costume shop, informed them that "sexy now trumps scary" when it comes to Halloween get-ups. And despite the fact that it's the political season, Blum stated that not many people were choosing to dress up like politicians with the one exception: North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.

Painting of Kim Jong Il by Max Emadi
Listen to the NPR segment on the most popular Halloween costume for 2006.

One other thing we know is that the epicurean president not only took the world by surprise in detonating a nuclear device in early October, but also caught Halloween costume suppliers flat-footed, and it seemed no one got to make much money out of the public's wish to be the dictator with the Bomb on Halloween 2006.

Also from NPR, hear how much Americans will spend on Halloween celebrations. You'll be surprised, shocked, or frightened!

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