Halloween Costume Rentals Southern California

For the last several years we have promoted our friend and costume design pro Carin Jacobs as a great source of Halloween costume rentals in Southern California. Every year Carin is so overwhelmed with requests for costumes for Halloween that this year she is changing the rules a little.

Carin began designing costumes for the UCLA Film, Theater, and TV Department when she was a student. She now teaches costume design at several Southern California schools: Whittier College, UC Irvine, and the Orange County High School of the Arts. In addition to teaching, she also designs the costumes for over 25 theatrical shows per year in the Los Angeles area. Carin was also the costume designer for the 2005 movie "When Do We Eat" for which Carin also received a New York Times Critic's Pick.Costume designer Carin Jacobs

Because of the volume of inquires Carin has received in past years for Halloween costumes, from this year she is going to work on a "paid consultation basis". Carin will meet you at her costume warehouse and fit you out with the best Halloween Costume Rental you've ever had yet, but you must pay a non-refundable consultation fee of $50 in advance. If you decide to rent a costume, the consultation fee will be credited to your costume rental. So if you end up renting nothing, you pay $50 for the consultation nonetheless. If you rent a costume that costs $50, the $50 of the consultation fee will cover your rental, for a total payment of $50. If you rent a costume that costs $125, then the total consultation fee will be credited towards the rental, and you will pay and additional $75, for a total of $125. Believe me, it will be worth it. This is no ordinary Halloween store!

Carin can serve the greater Southern California region provided you can visit her costume warehouse in Long Beach which is easily accessible from the Los Angeles area, including LA, Orange County, and Riverside County.

Carin has over 5,000 costumes in stock in her warehouse, all available for rental this Halloween! Included costumes range from ancient to modern, but with an emphasis on 20th century costumes, including 1920's flapper costumes.

As a costume design professional and academic, Carin Jacobs is well-qualified and ready to outfit you with your best-ever Halloween costume yet!

Email Carin Jacobs to arrange a costume rental consultation.

If renting from costume-design professional Carin Jacobs is not for you, then try shopping online for a 1920's flapper costume at our 1020's Flapper Costume Store. Many people have found just what they have wanted there.

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