Online Art Gallery for Free

Free Web Hosting for Artists
If you are an artist looking for a place online where you can host your online art gallery, welcome to Ariki Art!

An online art gallery hosted by Ariki Art brings you many advantages in marketing your artwork:
  • Your online art gallery is always open for business
  • Your online art gallery is global
  • Your online gallery at Ariki Art promotes you tirelessly 24/7
  • You can use your online art gallery as a promotional tool
  • List your Ariki Art web address on your business cards
  • Create postcards and other promotional materials with your Ariki Art web address
  • Give your Ariki Art web address to friends, family, and people you meet
  • Use your Ariki Art web address in your email signature

How Web-hosting at ArikiArt Works
We create for you a blog at a subdomain of and use Google's to host your posts. Your subdomain will have a web address that starts with your name followed by For example Once you send us your artist's biography and a photo, we will set up your blog for you at and complete all the necessary setup to customize it and host it at We will create the first post for your blog using your bio and photo. (For a sample, visit the biography page for Andrea Beech). You will then get an email from inviting you to join the blog. From then on you are in control of posting your artworks to your blog. We will send you easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions on how to create posts to your blog, including simply just sending an email to a specified email address that will post immediately to your blog.

Your artist's biography page and your blog will be linked to from the Artists link found at the top of every page at

ArikiArt has been online since the beginning of 2003 and we rank well in web search results.

How much does it cost?
Other than an initial low setup fee of $US75 it's completely free. That's right: nada, zilch after the initial fee!
How can we do this when we have to pay the on-going cost of running our website? Think of Ariki Art as something like an online art magazine. We're your publisher and we make our money from advertising. Yes, because we run ads on all of our online galleries, you can host your online gallery with ArikiArt for free after that one-time only setup fee of $350.

No matter where you live in the world, you can join ArikiArt online galleries.We will post contact information on your blog that will enable people interested in your artwork to contact you. You will deal directly with any inquiries and transact any sales yourself. We do not collect any commission on your sales.

Get featured on the the homepage of!We have a special deal for regular posters to their blogs at ArikiArt. Once you establish yourself as a member who posts regularly to your blog (a minimum of 2 times a month), we will place your most recent post on the homepage of ArikiArt giving you even more visibility and traffic to your online art blog. You won't even have to let us know - our system will automatically update our homepage with your new post not long after you publish it. How cool is that!

Don't Delay - Apply Now for this Great Deal!Contact us now expressing your interest in hosting your art at ArikiArt online gallery. We will reply with an email address to which you can send us a sample of your work. After reviewing your work we will let you know one way or the other if you have been accepted to join ArikiArt Online Galleries. If you are accepted, we will bill you the $75 setup fee and ask you to send us your artist's biography and photo which we will use to create the first post to your blog. Soon after that, you will receive an email from us inviting you to join your blog, and you take it from there. Apply now for web hosting of your online gallery at Ariki Art.

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