Max Emadi to be featured in Russian Magazine

Art page from December 2007 edition of Russian magazine KhooliganCalifornia-based artist Max Emadi is hoping that his recent interview with Khooligan will actually one day see the watery light of day on Moscow's newsstands. If it does so, the publishers of the art, fashion, and trends magazine will be braver than Radio Free Europe which recently dropped its intended airing of an interview with Max because they decided he was too hot to handle. The problem and the attraction is Max Emadi's Islamic erotica series that features veiled Islamic women in provocative poses. So perhaps the glossy Russian magazine will shame Radio Free Europe and show them what freedom of speech is all about

Max shared with us the transcript of the interview and asked that we publish it here on Ariki Art. If you read Russian and can get your hands on the edition of Khooligan that will feature Max, then all power to you, but if you can't read Russian, or just can't wait for the Russian version to come out, you can read Khooligan magazine's interview with Max Emadi here.

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