Aritst Max Emadi Making Headlines

ArikiArt member Max (Makan) Emadi has sure been making headlines for himself lately with his controversial series of paintings that features Islamic women.

When a Russian newspaper ran a story about Max recently, that was quickly followed by an email for Radio Free Europe requesting an interview with Max. Now the senior editor of a glossy magazine from Russia called "Khooligan" has contacted Max about running a story on Max in the magazine.

The price of fame has been some "interesting" email for Max, for example an email from Tajikistan that begins:
"Each moslem having seen such your scoffy work about muslim women first coming to mind to kill you..."

Naked emperor George BushMax's piece of George Bush stripped bare as the fabled emperor does seem to get the writer's approval we presume when he writes near the end of his email

"You painted helly George Bush beautifully but our moslems????"

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