Halloween Costume Rentals

Yes, the summer has only just started, but we know that some people just can't get enough of Halloween and it's their most popular holiday of the year. We know so from our traffic logs; you see, we happen to have mentioned our good friend and costume professional costume designer Carin Jacobs on our site a couple of years ago and then came the searches for Halloween costumes. And at this early stage of the year, the traffic for Halloween costume rentals is once again slowly but surely starting to pick up as we mover slowly but surely closer to Halloween 2007.

Halloween costume rentals
We wonder if we'll be able to determine the most popular costume again this year. Last year by coincidence again we were pretty sure the costume on a great number of wish lists was North Korean president Kim Jong Il. At the time he happened to be in the news a lot over his nuclear shenanigans and seemed to embody the spirit of the season. The only problem was that everyone wanted a Kim John Il costume it seems, but no one had them to offer. One of the great money-making opportunities of all time went down the grave, I mean, drain.

At this point we have no idea who will be on everyone's wish list this year, but one thing we do know is that Carin has a warehouse full of THOUSANDS of costumes that have been used on stage and film. You can read more about costume designer Carin Jacobs on our site who is also very involved in fashion education at various schools in the Southern California area. We provide contact information so you can approach Carin for help with your 2007 Halloween costume rental.

We also have the history of Halloween covered and some web links for online Halloween fun.

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