Bryce Brown New Zealand Figurative Artist

Bryce Brown figurative artistI met figurative artist Bryce Brown on a trip to New Zealand in 2003 after Bryce had contacted me through ArikiArt. As it happens I have a sister who lives in the same area as does Bryce, so it was no big deal as I was visiting her on that trip anyhow. I have never regretted making the effort and fell in love with Bryce's art from the first moment I saw it and bought a piece that very first meeting. Bryce has kept in touch ever since, and I have visited him on subsequent visits to New Zealand. In those 4 years since meeting him, Bryce has gained great self-confidence in his unique style of painting and has sold many works, including a purchase made by the John Deere Corporation for their collection at their headquarters in Illinois. Bryce paints full-time and has frequent exhibitions throughout New Zealand and the United States.

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