Scream, an oil painting by Vakhtang Kakulia

Scream is a painting depiciting angstA ghostly-white dominatrix is the subject of Vakhtang Kakulia's "Scream". Dressed in red high-heeled boots and frilled garter, Madam's hair appears like two antennae. Here mouth, framed with red lips, is wide open in a scream. It appears that perhaps two needles are stuck into her right shoulder, and a pad with two antennae is stuck on her left thigh just above her knee.

This painting challenges Edvard Munch's painting "The Scream" for as a representation of angst.

Please post your comments about Vakhtang Kakulia's painting "Scream".


Anonymous said...

scream by Vakhtang Kakulia is the best painting ever the immagination is unbeleivable truly a priceless piece of art for me.

Tiziana Marionoi said...

This is the best peice of art ever!!! Tina