Painting of a Guitarist by Vakhtang Kakulia

Painting of a guitaristVakhtang Kakulia likes to deconstruct his subjects into their parts, and this goes not only for the actual physical properties of the subjects in his paintings, but also of the living essence of them too. Take for example this oil painting which he titles “Guitarist”. While the title suggests we will see a painting of a man or woman strumming a guitar, instead we find just the trappings of the guitarist: his guitar, of course, and then his outer clothing: an edge of his hat, his red jacket, his shoes – but no actual guitarist in sight. As always, the objects in the painting are broken apart and painted this way and that in a collage or patchwork effect. There are echoes of Picasso’s cubism in his paintings in a way; the planes are pulled apart and reassembled in a striking manner.
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Vakhtang Kakulia’s painting of a guitarist.

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