New Artist, Vakhtang Kakulia, Joins ArikiArt

Tibilisi Georgia artist Vakhtang KakuliaRecently I was contacted by painter Vakhtang Kakulia asking if I would host his art at ArikiArt. Upon reviewing his work, my response was a resounding "Yes" as the quality and interest of his paintings simply blew me away. Kakulia hails from Tbilisi, Georgia, part of the former Soviet Union. Born in 1974, he initially studied at The School of Art in Tbilisi, and subsequently at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art where he studied art design, interior and exterior design, monumental art and sculpture. He graduated in 1997. A unique style is evident in Vakhtang Kakulia's paintings. The technical aptitude demonstrated in his paintings is remarkable, and draws on his knowledge of classic painting. his paintings are complex in terms of subject, composition, and color. The subjects of his works are often mundane objects from daily life, but are represented in a manner that is compellingly full of interest.

You can keep an eye on Vakhtang's online gallery and I will make blog posts for his individual works so that you can comment on them.

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