Liberation, an oil painting by Vakhtang Kakulia

Having looked at this painting for a while I started to understand the symbolism of the work. If you look closely, you’ll see there is a single guitar string running from the woman’s back to the guitar. The guitar has been smashed, it seems, and the woman is finally making a break for it. It’s all guess-work on my part what all this symbolism might mean as I haven’t discussed any of the works with Kakulia. The guitar may be literal, and the woman is finally escaping whatever command over her playing the guitar might have had. But then while thinking of the previous work in this collection entitled “Guitarist”, you get the clear impression from that painting that the guitarist is a man even though we only see his outer garments. Perhaps then the guitar in this painting represents the guitarist from the prior painting, and the woman is actually fleeing from him? It is obviously a very symbolic painting, and it is certainly fun to conjecture at what the meaning of it is.

Do you have any ideas yourself after studying this painting? Post your ideas. And read and study how to interpret the meaning of paintings with
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