Las Vegas First Friday Art Walk

The LA Times reported today about the First Friday art event in downtown Las Vegas. Downtown Las Vegas, of course, is not the strip, but if you keep going south on "The Strip" a.k.a. Las Vegas Blvd, you will land in Downtown Las Vegas. Like many downtowns, Downtown Las Vegas has suffered over the years, falling victim to suburban flight or, in this case, the gradual move northward into Clark County and the world famous gabmling scene that is known as Las Vegas.

Over the last decade or so, cities have attempted to revitalize their downtowns by encouraging artists to move in. So it was with Las Vegas, which joined the party a little late in the game with its "First Friday" art event launched in October 2002. The event is now drawing a consistently large crowd to warrant that streets are closed off.

In my area of Orange County, there are similar events known as "Art Walks". The first Saturday of each month you will find the "open house" for the artists of the Art Village in Santa Ana. And in the famous Laguna Beach, it's the first Thursday of every month.

Feel free to post details of art walks in your area.

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