Artists Ripped Off in Giclee Reproductions Fraud

Here's a scary story that was published in the LA Times yesterday. Kristine Eubanks of Van Nuys California offered successful artists giclee printing and marketing services. The prints were to be issued on a limited edition basis. She even had a TV show called "Fine Art Treasures Gallery" in which the artists' limited edition prints were auctioned off. That wasn't the only sales channel: the prints were also auctioned on Princess Cruise Lines. Trouble was, numerous quantities of these prints were unauthorized, far exceeded the limited edition quantity, and had forged signatures on them.

To prove her credentials as a fraudster without any scruples, Eubanks was found guilty of running up $144,000 in charges on the credit card of a dead business associate! Eubanks is currently serving time for the credit card fraud, and here's hoping she will also get her due for devaluing the art of several successful artists by flooding the market with large numbers of unauthorized giclee prints.

Note: ArikiArt can arrange for limited edition giclee reproductions of many of the paintings found in our online galleries and can guarantee that the artists' signature is authentic and series limitations are adhered to strictly. Contact us if you are interested in a giclee print of any of the artworks on our site and we will work with the artist to see if they are willing to supply a giclee print.

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