Quilting's shift from craft to art

Quilting's shift from craft to art has ridden its wave of popularity

So says the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. "In ways our foremothers never envisioned, the definition of "quilt" is being stretched to the limits of artistic imagination." We at ArikiArt Online Gallery have known that for a long time now. Maori artist Ku Bailey of Auckland New Zealand created her first applique quilt the fantastic "Putake-o-te-Ao" which depicts the Maori creation myth way back in 1999 for submission to the Millenium Quilt Festival in Houston, TX. To Ku's surprise the quilt was not only accepted but was one of the finalist quilts, and subsequently toured with other finalist quilts through Europe and Asia. Since then Ku has continued to craft many art quilts depicting not only Maori mythology, but also her life and family. She appeared in 2006 on New Zealand TV and has exhibited in New Zealand as well. A selection of her artworks are on display at ArikiArt in her applique quilt gallery prove the SPI article right: quilting has definitely moved from craft to art.

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